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Notice & capture the everyday ‘moments’ to develop a wellbeing practice that fits into your current routines

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Wellbeing app for employees

Improve mental health, productivity & motivation

Gratitude app for employees
Gratitude app for employees


Notice & capture your daily moments with the lens of the 5-ways to wellbeing.

  • Convert moments into pictures that become wellbeing memories
  • Record & plan your version of the 5-ways to wellbeing, everyday
  • Bite sized financial education to develop awareness of key concepts and familiarisation with the language of finance and how to talk about money
  • Daily reflection practice to build your wellbeing muscle memory
Wellbeing memories app


When you take notice, reflect and capture your wellbeing ‘moments’, you create wellbeing ‘memories’. You at your best moments, becoming your go-to place for when life is less colourful. So you will always have...

  • A record of your wellbeing life
  • Inspiration for getting back on track
  • Memories of your own version of 5-ways to wellbeing
Wellbeing memories app

Help your employer create a better climate for wellbeing

Employees wellbeing feedback app
Employees wellbeing feedback app


We will ask you to ‘check-in’ every so often against a set of reflective statements.  This gives reflection time for you as well as an opportunity for your employer to listen and ultimately grow the wellbeing climate in your organisation.

  • 5-ways to wellbeing = 5 check-ins a year
  • Reflect on wellbeing on a personal and financial level as well as at work
  • Anonymous feedback focussed on your wellbeing

Employees FAQs

Do I have to use check-ins?

You will receive check-ins every so often and they will sit in your home screen for 7 days, or until you have completed it.  In short, no, you don’t have to use check-ins, but we really hope you do. Check-ins do 3 things to further the ‘Well-Beings’ mission.

1. On a personal level, you will spend a few moments asking yourself to reflect on your wellbeing and whether you feel on-track or whether the world is currently a slightly less colourful place.  This may prompt you early on to realise that something isn’t quite as it should be and could do with some attention.  Reflective statements are positioned as they may apply to your personal wellbeing, financial wellbeing and wellbeing in the workplace, which may help you identify where any problems lie.

2. By reflecting every so often, it will help you be pro-active and stay on-track with your own wellbeing.  We know that when you feel like a ‘Well-Being’, you are better able to support the wellbeing needs of others.  The ‘Well-Beings’ ripple effect.

3. Your feedback is collated anonymously with the rest of your colleagues' to provide feedback for your employer and the wellbeing team.  It’s a constant feedback loop that will help grow the wellbeing climate in your organisation.

Can I see what information you have collected about me?

Yes, the Moments application takes security of your personal data very seriously.  You can export all the data held within the app from inside the app.  You can ask us to delete your account and all data held within it by e-mailing service@thewowwbusiness.com

What if I leave the company?

The Moments application will continue to function as normal for 6 months after your membership has been discontinued by the company.  After 6 months you will be invited to continue using the application as a personal user with an annual subscription.

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